Wire welding

Welded meshes and panels made of galvanized, stainless or powder-coated wire. We carry out all, even smallest orders.

Design & Implementation

We manufacture meshes made of welded wire from 1 to 20 mm in diameter. This type of meshes are widely used: in gardening, construction (as meshes for filling balustrades, gates, wickets, window covers), ventilation devices, agriculture, breeding of animals (cages for birds and pigeons), bakery equipment, and as walls for mesh containers and warehouse fences.

The elements of welded wire mesh are rarely standard and repetitive, which is why we make them at the individual order of our customers. According to their individual designs, regardless of the number of ordered items.

Food industry

We make stainless steel wire mesh upon orders from the food industry, especially bakeries, confectioneries and meat industry companies.

Furniture industry

Our meshes made of welded wire are also used in the furniture industry as elements strengthening the structure. We work with many production companies, for each of them we make elements according to their individual project.

Animal breeding

Welded steel meshes are an essential element of equipment for cages in breeding of animals, in particular poultry. We also work with breeders of pigeon and exotic birds, we make for them fronts for exhibition and breeding cages. We are also a producer of cages for home hobby breeding of birds and rodents.

Mechanical industry

Wire guards for fans, windmills, transmission belts of all moving elements mounted on mechanical devices. Our mesh guards are an indispensable element to maintain safety requirements for these devices.

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Order performance process


Send us an inquiry, describe exactly what you need, attach photos, sketch, dimensions. Provide everything that is necessary so that we can prepare a quote and set a deadline for implementation. Do not forget to enter the phone number, it will facilitate contact with you.


Based on the materials sent, we will prepare a completely free of charge project with a valuation and a specified deadline. To do this, we need a maximum of 24 hours from sending us your inquiry.


After accepting the project, we will proceed immediately to its implementation. We have stock of raw materials and components, and experienced staff that allows us to quickly complete each order.


We deliver ordered materials immediately to the address indicated. Every day, courier companies collect orders from us and deliver them to any address in Poland. We also carry out international shipments

We guarantee an individual approach to every order.

We have a machine park that allows the implementation of virtually any order that applies to wire welding in any shape. We will price your every order regardless of its volume. We follow the principle “the Customer is the most important”, we do not refuse time-consuming orders and those in small volumes.


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