About us

We operate since 2005

Our main industry is the production of components and finished products from spot welded wire. We sell to the domestic and foreign market (Germany, the Netherlands). We provide services in the field of welding of meshes and other elements according to our own designs, and according to individual customers’ designs. We weld black steel, high-grade steel (stainless, acid).

Many years of experience allows us to make meshes for various intended uses. We are able to weld rods with a thickness of 1 to 20 mm, and also make a majority of meshes according to specifications of the customer. In addition, we offer the possibility of galvanizing or nickel-plating of welded elements. A rich machine park and a trained crew allow production for 24 hours. We offer a welding process from both our raw materials and those supplied by the Customer.

We are constantly striving to meet your expectations, which is why we care for the reliability of materials used for production, we use only those of the highest class. Particular attention is also paid to the quality of workmanship and finishing. We have a wide range of products constantly expanded and improved to meet the requirements of our customers. Our offer of finished products includes:

  • barbecue grids,
  • barbecue stands,
  • cages for rodents,
  • cages for birds,
  • aviaries,
  • pens for dogs,
  • bicycle stands.

We also make barbecue grids for individual orders and other individual wire welding services.

Purchases of finished products can be made through our online store superpreis.pl

If you have any questions, we are at your disposal and we invite you to contact us

Order performance process


Send us an inquiry, describe exactly what you need, attach photos, sketch, dimensions. Provide everything that is necessary so that we can prepare a quote and set a deadline for implementation. Do not forget to enter the phone number, it will facilitate contact with you.


Based on the materials sent, we will prepare a completely free of charge project with a valuation and a specified deadline. To do this, we need a maximum of 24 hours from sending us your inquiry.


After accepting the project, we will proceed immediately to its implementation. We have stock of raw materials and components, and experienced staff that allows us to quickly complete each order.


We deliver ordered materials immediately to the address indicated. Every day, courier companies collect orders from us and deliver them to any address in Poland. We also carry out international shipments


PYKO Spółka Cywilna
Joanna Bogdanowicz, Sławomir Bogdanowicz
ul. Kujawska 14
68-200 Żary

NIP: 9281955214
REGON: 080053698


+48 608 656 946 - (8:00-20:00)

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