Welded mesh

Fan guards

Welded mesh as metal guards for fans, lamps, transmission belts, protecting movable elements in industrial equipment. We make them according to an individual design of wire welded using the point method. The mesh elements made are galvanized or powder-coated in order to protect them against weather.

Galvanized welded mesh

Meshes made by us, depending on the customer’s order, can be galvanized, nickel-plated or left unprotected as a raw product. In most cases, each project requires an individual template for welding individual wires in order to obtain the final shape of the mesh.

Welded stainless-steel mesh

Welded mesh made of stainless-steel wire mainly used in the food industry: confectioneries, bakeries, meat and cold meat processing. Many of our meshes are used as shelves, partitions, panels or elements protecting moving parts in production machines.

Wire mesh – our other projects

Below you can see photos of our orders of welded wire products. Thanks to individual production, we have orders from many industries, where the shape and size of meshes is very unique. We are also one of the largest Polish producers of cages for rodents and exotic birds. We also offer fronts for the construction of cages for breeders of exotic birds and pigeons.

Grids for the construction of a barbecue

Barbecue grids made of wire of various thicknesses, different sizes, also round. We make barbecue grids on order in any configuration. We also produce tripods for Hungarian cauldrons and round grids for grilling over a campfire. Our full range of finished products can be found in our store: ogrody4u.org


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